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About Club Magica

Seeking the harmony of a choir, the inner smile, and the natural wellness

club-magica-centro-studi-danze-etniche-discipline-meditative-balli-gruppo-milano-english-versionFar from being a simple dance academy, Club Magica is dedicated to a broad meaning of wellness that founds its roots in the traditional concept that individuals are a sensitive amalgam of body and psyche which have to be taken care of with equal attention.

For that reason the purpose of Magica is to offer, since 1984,  a place where to re-charge, enjoy and pamper ourselves, and relieve from all the worries and stress of modern life, in order to find more natural rhythms.

Ethnic and meditative dances and disciplines had been our choice since the beginning. They are conceived as a possibility to discover and experience, while enjoying,  a new, joyful way to stay together, free from the cult of personality  and the competitiveness so common in sports and dances.

To us “dance is feminine magic”, so a very special attention is also dedicated to the feminine world and every aspect related.

Beside the classes, Magica also organises conferences, exhibits, debates, seminars and periodical weekends in the country pertaining to nature and natural culture, ancient traditions, rare and uncommon techniques of dance or music, feminine awareness, philosophy and everything in line with the essence of the club.

Furthermore Magica arranges charming professional performances of ethnic dances, the Club in-house a small record company  (especially dedicated to traditional and unconventional music) and a boutique where you can find outfits for dance as much as charming handmade clothing and herbal perfume.


Our activities:

Belly Dance – seen as an ancient choral feminine dance (from beginners to professionals. )

Belly Dance Fusion (belly dance mixed with other dances)

Snake – Magica Tribal Belly Dance

Polynesian Dances (hula, aparima, ori-tahiti)

Irish Dance (step and ceili dancing)

Swing Line Dance and Charleston


Relax-Action (exercises from stretching, yoga, pilates, dance, relaxation techniques, inspired by dance therapy)

Shows and performances (from one performer to entire groups) for meetings, conventions, parties…

Shows in theatres


Lessons in English


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Magica 1: di P.ta Ticinese 103, 20123 Milano,

tel 02-89403312

Magica 2:

Via G.B. Varè 26, 20158 Milano,

tel 02-375775



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